The assessment of this module is a discussion in a report format (2500 words maximum) which examines critically an interprofessional issue for service improvement, and integrates appropriate management concepts.

The aim of this assessment is to demonstrate students’ ability to distil complex issues and debates in a clear, concise and effective manner and to enable students to discuss critically a specified issue involving a change/ development in service provision, integrating management concepts.
 Identify a topic that reflects an interprofessional dimension of your practice.
 With reference to that topic, develop a strategy for improvement in service provision
 Consider the implications of the issue from an interprofessional perspective and integrate one or more management concepts such as process mapping, managing change, risk management and quality assurance.
 Investigate the wider factors / context that may influence the issue.
 Identify and relate ethical / legal considerations as appropriate.
 Write a discussion paper using report format: this should include a rationale for your choice of topic, followed by critical analysis and discussion of the issues under focus; summarise the key items in your report (see example below).
 All sources of information used in this assignment must be clearly identified and referenced.

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