Internal Code : MAS6089 Nursing Assignment Questions : 1.Reflect on your experiences as a health care professional. Compare and contrast your experiences in a current (or previous) workplace with current literature on health service design. Your reflections should specifically focus on: • how the principles of clinical governance are / can be used to improve health care systems • your role as an individual staff member in ensuring the quality & safety of healthcare • how you can empower consumers to take a more active role in their healthcare experience 2.Identify a patient story / narrative related to the quality and/or safety of health care. The patient story / narrative may be based upon your previous experiences or be identified from published literature (including videos, books and journal articles). Provide a summary of your patient story / narrative and describe the context in which the healthcare experience occurred. Analyse the care the person experienced using a framework to structure your analysis (e.g. The London Protocol or Significant Event Audit). Using the components of clinical governance (consumer participation, clinical effectiveness, an effective workforce and risk management), discuss how these components can be used to improve the quality of care the patient experienced. 3.Identify one (1) individual indicator of quality or safety. Define your indicator and discuss how the indicator is used to evaluate care in a chosen healthcare setting. Your response should include details about the indicator, how it is measured and the setting. Provide a summary of the literature on your chosen indicator. Use this indicator to solve a clinical problem, using a PDSA quality cycle. Outline how you would evaluate your PDSA cycle. 16 total views, 2 views today

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