Designing a high fidelity simulation 6b
With the increasing need for higher level clinical reasoning needed in the complex healthcare of today nursing students must engage in activities that challenge their reasoning provide experiences they cannot necessarily obtain in the clinical setting and have opportunities to learn from failure in a safe environment. High fidelity has been shown to provide such experiences if using research based pedagogy.
Using the template design a high fidelity simulation to address a patient who has been admitted with one of the following conditions: asthma attack diabetic coma pneumonia. On the template you will:
1.Fill in the necessary information on the patient you want to simulate
2.List the skills and knowledge you believe students need to know prior to the simulation
3.Identify a maximum of 5 student learning outcomes that students will be able to demonstrate during the simulation.
4.Determine what fidelity is needed in the simulation including medications events that will occur with the manikin additional equipment roles for the participants equipment and diagnostics available during the simulation.
5.Evidence based sources to support the simulation and to provide additional information for students during debriefing.
6.Scenario progression guide
7.Debriefing additional questions that you would add to make the simulation specific to your patient scenario.

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