Chapter 12How you define and measure health care cost?
How you define and measure health care accessibility?
How you define and measure health care quality?Chapters 13 & 14What influences Health Policy in the United States?
What makes access to healthcare complicated in this country?
What are the potentials of forces in the American society to change the future ofhealthcare in this nation?Project 1-Guidelines
Students concentrate on this projectby comparing a few health care systems around the world. Each student in the team picks up one country for investigation. If you are five or six in your team you pick up two of these cases from theGlobal Health Systems. If you are less than five in your team you only pick up one case from that book. The rest of the cases must be researched. You have to examine these health care systems based on the followingcriteria:How accessible these health care systems are?
How is the quality of delivery in these health care systems?
How these health care systems financed? Are they financed by government private individuals or the combination of the two?
How these health care systems are structured?Maximum of twenty five slides must be presented in this project. Each of the selected health care systems must be explored individually and then compared for their weaknesses and strengths.

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