Take the data you have assembled from the second part of your Week Two assignment, namely, numbers of first-born boy and girl births in your state between 2007 and 2012, separately by racial group (i.e., American Indians, Asians, Blacks, and Whites). Form a two-by-four contingency table from these data: the two row categories are female (girl) and male (boy), and the four column categories are the four racial groups. Calculate the chi-square statistic from this contingency table, and interpret the result. See attached excel to use
My state is California

Return to the CDC Wonder website, and obtain the numbers of births in your state between 2007 and 2012, by month. (Disregard gender, or race, or birth order—you want all births). Calculate a chi-square statistic to assess whether there is any seasonality to births. (Your null hypothesis is that births should be equally likely to occur in any of the 12 months. We are ignoring the varying lengths of the months to simplify calculations.) How would you interpret your findings? Explain in 500 words in APA format supported by scholarly sources.
BONUS: Give a graphical representation of your findings for this portion highlighting what you consider significant.
This is the total I came up with from the website you can verify before you complete the assignment

Census Region

Results are sorted in by-variable order

Births Click to sort by Births ascending Click to sort by Births descending

Census Region 4: West (CENS-R4) 4,158,870

Total 4,158,870

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