In order to evaluate the current state of health care and make effective and important improvements in patient quality and safety, it is critical to identify meaningful performance measures. It is important that these measures can be applied in the same way in similar health care institutions, wherever they are. As noted in your course text, there are three types of performance measures used to evaluate health care: structure, process, and outcome. In this discussion, you create and evaluate effective measures and apply them to the case study you identified in Week 1. To prepare for this Discussion: • Review the Learning Resources Post a brief description of three different performance measures you would create (one each for structure, process, and outcome) that could be applied to the case study you identified in Week 1. Then, indicate the types of data you would need to collect to support the measures and how you would analyze and present that data. Finally, identify improvements you expect might result from your analysis. Resources: Friesner, D., Neufelder, D., Raisor, J., & Bozman, C. (2009, Winter). How to improve patient satisfaction when patients are already satisfied: A continuous process-improvement approach. Hospital Topics, 87 (1), 24-40

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