Health care professionals need to answer at least three essential questions when thinking strategically about their organizations present circumstances and future prospects:Where is the organization now This question focuses on the current business of the organization the patient segments that the organization caters to and the current strategy of the organization.
Where does the organization want to go This question focuses on the organizations vision and aspirations.
How will the organization get there This question focuses on the strategic moves required to fulfill the mission vision and values of the organization and its broad set of strategic goals.You are the office manager of a 12-person medical office. Write an e-mail message to the owners of the clinic on how the organization could answer these three questions. Specifically your e-mail should include the following:
How should the organization determine its state of affairs
How should the organization establish its goals
Who should participate in the strategic planning process and why
What possible strategies can the organization adopt to achieve the established goals Your e-mail message should be no more than two pages long in a Microsoft Word document and in current APA edition format
Assignment 3 Grading CriteriaExplained how the organization can determine its state of affairs.Analyzed how the organization can establish its goals.Identified the possible participants in the strategic-planning process and reasons why selected.Explained strategies that the organization could adopt to achieve its goals.Wrote in a clear concise and organized manner; demonstrated ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; displayed accurate spelling grammar and punctuation.

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