Website icon Strategic IT Infrastructure for a Health Care Setting Scoring Guide.
This is your final project component.

At this time, you have completed various parts of planning and implementing a new information management system into a health care setting (a hospital). The main focus of this assignment is to see if you have an overall understanding of how these parts work together to complete the project which the hospital is asking.

In this assignment, integrate all of the components of your project into one comprehensive packet. Imagine that you are presenting this packet to the governing board of the hospital. In addition, write a summary that demonstrates your overall understanding of the process and steps that you went through. Use the following as a guideline:

How does the new integrated system secure information? This includes looking at laws, regulations, patient rights, employee rights, and barriers to security.
How is information utilized and managed using the new integrated system? For example, how is it used in day to day functions?
Evaluate your overall plan. This includes strategies used, recommendations for education and training, return on investment and improvement of quality of care.
Identify and analyze the common—and unique—technological solutions provided for the health care information management.
Include the following in your final assignment:

Integrate the comments provided to you by your instructor.
Add headers, appendices, table of contents, reference page, and so on as appropriate.
Once you are done, review the Strategic IT Infrastructure for a Health Care Setting course project description to ensure you have met the expectations of this assignment.

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