field blend theoretical principles Write a well-developed, detailed paper responding to one of the two topic prompts/option listed at the bottom of this sheet. The paper should be 1000-1200 words, and should use at least five sources related to your chosen field. Remember the key issues that we have covered in class—and that you have practiced in your writing: • Stance. Remember the issues of role, reader, and purpose. • Content. Develop your paper using details, descriptions, explanations, and examples, as necessary. • Organization. Arrange your paper so that it has a clear beginning, middle, and end; arrange your supporting paragraphs to achieve the emphasis you want. • Sentences. Construct sentences that are both correct and interesting. • Diction. Choose precise, interesting, and appropriate words. • Technical Matters. Proofread your paper to eliminate errors. ________________________________________ Option 1: How does professional work in your field blend theoretical principles (abstract ideas that must usually be learned through focused study) and practical applications (day-to-day skills that must usually be developed through “hands-on” work)? Option 2: Many times professional work—no matter what field—is enhanced by related work in a separate (though sometimes related) area. What second major, minor, license, endorsement, or specialized training would be beneficial for someone in your line of work? PLEASE this assignment writing should be based on nursing field nothing else. I lost valuable points the last two test b/c the writer deviated to some other area. thanks if I can get the guy that did my assignment 2 (305) will be great.

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