Internal code: MAS3862 Biotech Assignment: Questions: 1 How will modern genetic technologies change the face of medicine and healthcare over the next ten years? 2. what is the basis for genetic profiling using simple repeat sequences and discuss the application of genetic profiling in law and/ or medicine. 3.Discuss PCR – based technologies and their roles in detecting single gene defects and monitoring disease load. 4. how have retrotransposons contributed to disease in humans? Include a brief description of retrotransposons. 5. How have transposable elements contributed to the evolutionary advance in animals and primates? Include a brief description of transposable elements. 6.Contrast the use of transposable elements versus CRISPR as approaches to gene therapy. 7. How do alternate splicing and exon shuffling facilitate evolutionary flexibility through changes to gene/ genome structure and function? You might like to consider the context of the evolution of life from single cells to complex highly developed multicellular organisms. 8. what is genomics and how will knowing the sequence of a person’s DNA direct the application of personalised medicine? 9. What is the role of epigenetic modification in the regulation of gene expression and in disease state? 10.How sis RNA I used to control gene expression in a cell (general) and treat disease(specific)? 19 total views, 2 views today

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