Internal Code: MAS 4266 Nursing Assignment Help Questions: Influenza Virus Types of influenza viruses; how it can change; “Drift” and “Shift” Current situation Australia and worldwide What strategies are in place (relate to pathophysiology)? Who is responsible for these strategies and monitoring their effect? How are vaccines shown to be safe? How do vaccines affect immunity? Obesity Scale of the problem (Australian based) Role of genetics and environmental factors in obesity Links to metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cancer The impact on the pathogenesis of chronic diseases (examples). The management of overweight and obesity in primary care (5 As). Rheumatic Heart Disease Scale of the problem (worldwide compared to Australia) Significance of RHD in Aboriginal populations (social determinants) Primary and secondary prevention of acute rheumatic fever (ARF) Management of RHD (including pregnancy) RHD control programs Methamphetamine Addiction How prevalent is the problem (Australian based) How methamphetamine and “Ice” work Use, dependence and withdrawal Harms associated with methamphetamine use (physical and mental) Management of acute presentations Interventions for use and dependence 10 total views, 2 views today

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