Identify the nurses role in measuring monitoring and improving health care quality and safety.
Discuss terms and concepts related to health care quality and safety.Directions:If you are not currently employed by an organization gather information from a nurse leader or quality management colleague.What are the organizations quality program goals and objectives?
What is the organizations quality management structure? If there is not a formal structure who is responsible for quality management in the organization?
How are quality improvement projects selected managed and monitored? Does nursing staff have any input?
How are nursing staff trained and supported in the quality improvement process?
What quality methodology and quality tools/techniques are utilized? Are they effective? Why or why not? Provide rationale.
How are quality improvement activities and processes communicated to staff? Is the communication effective? How could it be improved?
How does the organization evaluate quality improvement activities for effectiveness? What is the process when the quality improvement activity is not effective?
Provide 2 examples of a quality improvement initiative that has been effective in your organization. Describe the quality improvement process that occurred. What was the impact on patient outcomes? Did it result in a change in practice?Directions for the paper:Use APA style format; neatly typed and without errors
Write a maximum of 4 pages addressing the questions; the page limit excludes the Title Page and Reference Page Include a Title Page and Reference Page
Include a minimum of 2 (no more than 3) credible and refereed resources from literature such as scholarly nursing journals; your textbook may be used as an additional reference ( Wikipedia is not a professional reference)Do you want your assignment written by the best essay experts? Order now for an amazing discount.

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