Things to remember when writing your Week 2 assignment: Health Care Utilization Paper.
1. Use APA Headers to organize the content of the paper. The headers need to coincide with the required content of the assignment. Review the syllabus and the grading rubric.
2. Follow APA guidelines. Include a title page and a reference page. Need to follow directions about font style and margins of paper.
3. Please review the 2 documents I shared with you under the Course Material Forum (APA resources).
4. Use spell check.
5. Use correct grammar and sentence structure. If you have concerns about this area please have someone read your paper before you submit it.
6. Write a clear purpose statement in your first paragraph. What is the purpose of your paper? This needs to be clear to the reader.
7. Include a brief summary of the entire paper at the end.
8. Please visit UOPs Center for Writing Excellence (CWE) for additional assistance in writing papers. You can submit any paper and the system will

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