Health and social assignment. Explore a range of dilemmas faced by health AND social workers. Give an account of the issues faced by health and social workers in their everyday lives. You will need to give clear examples in your explanations to show positive and negative aspects of professional practice. In addition, you will discuss the scope of difficulties this may cause these professionals in their practice. You can include case studies which have been in the news to support your account. Health and social workers will deal with multi agencies to provide care and support for clients. As a result, situations will arise which affect the decision making process for individual care workers and agencies. Include these in your account and refer to any relevant legislation which may have a bearing. Furthermore, you will need to examine ethical reasons for conflicting decisions from different ethical views, such as moral values, duties, etc Please make sure the following criteria has been met throughout the account: 1) Explain in detail the range (more than 1) of dilemmas faced by health AND social workers. 2) Analyse the handling of a range of dilemmas by individual care workers and agencies supported by examples of good and bad practice. 3) Analyse ethical justifications for conflicting decision from contrasting ethical perspectives.

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