scoring guide icon Discussion and Participation Scoring Guide.
At this point you have had an opportunity to investigate what evidence-based management is and its relevance to decision making. In this discussion you will pull information from the readings assigned in this unit analyze it relate it to the health care field.
Imagine you are talking to a co-worker who has no idea what evidence-based management is or how it relates to an organization. Complete the following as though you are talking to that co-worker:
Define evidence-based management.
Describe its main components.
Explain why organizations struggle with evidence-based management.
Explain how evidence-based management relates to the health care field and provide at least two examples.
Read the Discussion Participation Scoring Guide prior to posting to learn how the instructor will evaluate your discussion participation.
Response Guidelines
Read the posts of your peers and respond to two. In your response to each post do the following:
Imagine you are the co-worker that your peer is explaining evidence-based management to:
Is the definition of evidence-based management clear?
What could your peer add to his or her explanation to make it clearer?
Is the explanation of why organizations struggle with evidence-based management clear?
What could you peer add to make this clearer?
What additional questions would you ask if you were your peer’s co-worker?
Additional feedback that you may have for your peer:
What additional components do you believe are critical to evidence-based management that you would like to share with your peer? Explain the importance of these.
Focusing specifically on the relation of evidence-based management in health care what additional information should your peer know to gain a better understanding of evidence-based management within the health care field?

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