Internal Code: MAS3359 Nursing Assignment: Molly is being admitted to the ward 1 day prior to her surgery due to her multiple complex co morbidities. You as the student nurse are asked to explain what will be happening before and after surgery. Questions: • Identify the admission nursing assessments you would complete as a student nurse in regards to Molly’s conditions and her TKR. Succinctly explain the rationale for each of these assessments to Molly in order to prepare her for her surgical journey. • Molly is also anxious about her diabetes prior to going to surgery. Discuss, the nursing interventions that will be required for Molly pre and post-operatively in order to manage her diabetes. The following day while you are completing her pre-op checklist prior on the day of surgery, you realise Molly’s consent form has not been completed and signed. In the healthcare setting, clinicians can do nothing without first obtaining consent. It is essential that clinicians are aware of their obligations as well the patient’s rights. • Explain what the legal and ethical implications are in regards to Molly and obtaining informed consent. • Discuss your responsibilities and duty of care in this context. • Consider which National Standard this would meet. 22 total views, 2 views today

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