Mid-Term ExamHCAD650 Legal Aspects of Health Care AdministrationI.Instructions – Please read carefullyThe mid-term examination must be submitted in a Microsoft word file (MS Word) via yourassignments folder by 12 midnight EST.The mid-term exam covers material from the beginning of the course through this week.It is mandatory that you complete the written mid-term examination in order to successfully completethis course.There are a total of eight (8) exam questions in Section II below. You MUST complete four (4). Do notrespond to more than four (4). I will only read the first four (4) answered.You MUST clearly identify each question by the question number. First repeat the question that youare responding to and then provide your answer.Your answer to each question should be no more than 2-3 paragraphs. Please note: While somequestions may seem like they have a quick and short answer, I would encourage you to develop youranswer, ensure your answer is complete and that you have answered all parts of the question.Your responses MUST be in your own words and you therefore do not need to cite to any resourcesin your answers. However, if you directly quote a source for any reason – you MUST provide acitation.Don’t Forget to Provide Your Name in the upper right hand corner of your MS Word file.II.Mid-TERM exam questions1.Fully describe what the “Common Law” is2.Explain the concept of “forseeability”3.What is ERISA and how does it affect health insurance?4.Explain two (2) proposals for Tort Reform5.Fully describe (2) Intentional Torts6.Explain the two (2) major sections of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act7.Explain the “Duty of Loyalty” in the context of a corporation’s board of directors8.Fully explain the elements required to prove a claim of “Negligence”

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