Explain Sociological definitions ( health and illness) .Define the concepts of health and illness. .Evaluate factors that influence the way which individuals fine their sense of being healthy or ill. 2.1 (Examine the constructs health and illness, with reference to health patterns in different cultures). .Evaluate traditional and non-western definitions of health and illness. .Analyse theories of culture influences in health inequalities ( for example wilkinson theory of Unhealthy societies) 1.1 (Evaluate Sociological Explanations for differing life Changes). .Defined chances .Evaluate at lease 2 theories of life chances and the impact on health inequalities. 3.1 ( Explain the relationship between health and social class, with particular references to gender, ethnicity and age). .Explain the relationship between health inequalities and social class,gender ethnicity and age. ( all in one paragraph) .provide some relevant bad current examples and link to research and some theories on health inequalities. 4.1 Evaluate contrasting theories to explain the differences in health patterns utilising consensus, conflict and social action theories ( same as Functionalism, Marxism, Interactionism/ social construction). Use some examples to show your understanding of the application of these theories. 5.1 Explain the nature of mental as opposed to physical illness. 5.2 Explain the medicalisation of mental illness. 6.1 Evaluate sociological explanations of mental illness.

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