Internal Code : MAS738 Nursing Assignment Case Study : You are a Registered Nurse working in a community health service in far north Queensland. Today you are visiting the remote community of Pormpuraaw, with a population of approximately 600 people. The majority of this population are indigenous persons and are part of the Thaayorre people. Tommy is a 32-year-old Indigenous male who arrives at the clinic complaining of feeling unwell over the past 2-3 days. Tommy has a history of Rheumatic Heart Disease and is a smoker. You notice that his symptoms appear to be worsening so you consult with the Medical Officer who states that Tommy needs to be urgently transferred to Cairns Base Hospital for further review and management. You are required to prepare Tommy for his medical evacuation to Cairns. Tommy has only been to Cairns once before and he is not used to hospital environments. He will be accompanied by his auntie Janelle who will be there as a support person. Question : Using the case study above, explain the key health issues that confront Tommy and relate the discussion to the indigenous population in general. In addition, identify, prioritise and discuss relevant strategies for two (2) of these health issues that you as a registered nurse could implement that would improve Tommy’s situation. Provide rational for these decisions. 17 total views, 2 views today

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