DQ Questions Project instructions: Hello dear writer, I need to cover 2 DQ questions 150-160 words each. 1 Question: To prove negligence, a plaintiff must prove the case in court before a judge and/or jury. If the plaintiff cannot satisfactorily prove 4 elements, then there is no case and no negligence. Four D’s of Negligence Name and discuss the four Ds of negligence. Give examples from real life stories found from searching the web. 2 Question: Differences in malpractice While we may not think it necessary, there are actual variations in actions that lead to malpractice. Legally, these actions are described differently and provide us a basis of understanding that not all actions are the same. Malfeasance, Nonfeasance, and misfeasance. Explain the difference between malfeasance, misfeasance, and nonfeasance. Give an example of each that might occur in healthcare. Find at least one real life example from the web. Additional requirements: Number of pages: 1 Number of sources: 0 Citation style: apa Academic level: collegeyear3 Course name: Legal Issues in Health Care Course level:

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