Utilizing the information from this unit and information that you research yourself, write a 2-3 page paper with the information requested below 1. Select a current (2012-2013) scholarly article about the current state of Health-care in the United States. 2. Write a summary of the article you read, in your own words. 3. Explain in writing why you agree or disagree or how you feel about the information presented in the article. 4. Explain to me in writing how you would use this information in your nursing practice as a Nursing Leader or Nursing Manager. * Write a 2-3 page double-spaced paper with the information requested in 1-4. * Write in a Microsoft Office Word document and submit in the drop box by the due date. * Use correct English grammar, spelling, and punctuation. * Site your reference * Look at the rubric below so you know how the paper will be graded. Assignment #4 grading rubric Submitted on time 0 – did not meet deadline 1 point – met deadline Summarized the article 0 – Not included 2 points – included Explained in writing your opinion on article and if you agree or disagree. 0- Not included 5 points – included Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation, sentence structure 0 if more than 3 errors 2 points – no errors Explained how you would use the information learned in the article in your nursing practice as a leader or manager. 0 – not included 3 points – Included Resources 0- not included or not scholarly 2 point if included and scholarly Total Points Possible 15 points possible

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