TOPIC 1 Health-Care Law, Risk Management, and Liability Part I: Healthcare Law 1. Identify and discuss (in about 100 words) one rule, law, or policy that you believe might improve healthcare more than any other. Part II: Risk Management and Liability 1. Discuss (in about 150 words) a risk management effort that you know about from your work. 2. If you do not know of such a program discuss how you might go about establishing such a program in your organization. TOPIC 2 Legal Incident Reporting Requirements 1. Explain (in about 200 words) how root cause analysis is related to sentinel events. 2. Provide an example. TOPIC 3 Managed Care 1. Given the ethical issues around managed care, discuss (in about 100 words) whether MCOs are good arrangements for patients? 2. Provide a concrete example (in about 100 words) for either pro arrangement or against arrangement. Medical Records, Patient Consent, and Information TOPIC 4 Research the “The Tuskegee syphilis experiment.” 1. What have we learnt from this case? (in about 100 words) 2. How does the “Helsinki Convention” safeguard us from a repetition of the Tuskegee experiment? (in about 100 words)

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