Health Care Assignment: a) List the information you have collected from appropriate sources which are relevant to your work team and the project you are working on with the team. b) Discuss what sections of this information you will share with the work team to improve work performance. (ii) communicate ideas and other information to the work team (iii) involve and lead consultation processes to encourage employees/team members to contribute to issues related to their work c) Discuss how your methods to communicate ideas and information are delivered in an appropriate method and are sensitive to the cultural and social diversity of the audience and any other specific needs. d) Explain how you will relay feedback to the work team in regards to outcomes from the consultation process e) Identify two potential issues that you foresee the team might raise. For each issue explain the process you will implement to ensure that these issues are resolved promptly or referred to relevant personnel as required 15 total views, 2 views today

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