Health sciences and medicine Living With Dementia Care Pathways Project description I have attached the module handbook, together with many Journals with literature for arguments. Not sure how many sources/references. If You need any information, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Question: To disclose or not to disclose? Critically assess the research literature that explores the disclosure of a diagnosis of dementia to the person with dementia and their carers. What conclusions would you draw regarding the benefits and risks of disclosure for the person with dementia and their carers? Use examples from your practice experience to further illustrate your answer. Assignment to be 2500 words, Explain how you have argued your position in relation to benefits and risks of disclosure, using relevant literature -Discuss and evaluate conflicting literature/findings -Support your position with reference to relevant literature (academic and policy frameworks) -Make links between the literature and practice experience -Identify limitations or weaknesses of the evidence -Discuss implications of your position for practice, policy and/or research -Discussion should have a clear structure and progression -Structure with sub-headings to signpost main themes -Use relevant core and further reading from reading list -Supplement with wider reading, using literature searching methods described in previous presentation -Balance breadth and depth of analysis, and keep focused -Develop rich reflection on professional experience to support arguments (practice examples) -Demonstrate attention to professional values (inclusion of perspective of person with dementia, ethical issues)

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