Internal Code: MAS3254 Nursing Case Study Help Maria Koustakis is a hairdresser. She is 58 and married with three children. Maria has been experiencing vaginal bleeding despite being post‐menopausal and has also noticed some abdominal swelling. Following a physical uterine examination, she is admitted to the clinic in which you work for investigations related to uterine cancer. Part 1 a. Describe two further cues that can be collected to confirm Maria’s diagnosis. Explain how these cues can be used to inform the diagnosis. (150 words) b. Maria is diagnosed as having stage 2 endometrial uterine cancer. She knows very little about reproductive anatomy or the pathology of cancer. She asks you to educate her on her condition. As though you were explaining to her, describe the anatomy and pathology of Maria’s condition, relate it to the signs and symptoms that she has experienced, and describe what it means to be in ‘stage 2’ (this relates to the recall part of the clinical reasoning cycle). Part 2 Maria is receiving treatment for endometrial uterine cancer. Describe ONE treatment that she may have, ensuring that it is part of current best practice, and choose a nursing issue that may arise from either the treatment or post‐treatment. The nursing issue that you identify may include, for example, physical, cultural or psycho‐social factors. Describe the goal of care related to this issue and the nursing actions that you will take for a positive health outcome for Maria, referencing guidelines and literature as appropriate. 27 total views, 2 views today

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