Health Care as a Right or a Privilege
write a cohesive response that addresses the following:
Briefly explain whether you think health care in the United States should be considered a right or a privilege.
What correlation is there between your beliefs about this issue and your views about the appropriate role of competition and regulation in the health care market? Describe one or two important ways in which the government in your view has either overregulated or underregulated the health care industry in reference to your perspective of health care as a right or a privilege. Specify what the problem is with this situation and how you think it should be fixed. Provide a rationale and cite evidence in support of your argument.
Identify your current or future professional role(medical student) and describe a dilemma you might encounter related to this issueor other issues addressed in this course. Explain how one or more insights you have gained will inform your decision making and/or advocacy efforts.
3 references (scholar peer reviewed at least one from book Health Economics and Financing by Thomas E. Getzen 5th edition)

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