Guidelines for Strategy Paper 1. Examine your current or recent clinical nursing experience 2. Identify a practice situation in which you are involved in that you think should be shared with the nursing community 3. Describe the situation and explain why you chose this situation 4. Give one exemplar of this situation. Include the context, your intentions, interpretation of the events, the chronology and actions and outcomes 5. Use the information from your text, discussion board and related literature Paper must include the following: A. An introduction indicating 1. A clear statement of the issue 2. A historical perspective of the issue 3. A brief literature review related to the issue 4. Relevance and significance of this issue to advanced nursing practice (25%) B. Discussion of the possible and relevant strategies/roles that could be used by an advanced practice nurse to resolve this situation (15%) C. A selection of one of the strategies you have discussed above. Indicate its theoretical base, relevance to your issue and how you would implement this strategy in your clinical practice as an advanced practice nurse. Is the theory and strategy you propose adequate or is more needed? (35%) D. How will you evaluate your effectiveness? Include any tools you would use to evaluate outcomes (15%) E. Paper must follow APA writing style manual. Please use latest edition. Proofread your paper for sentence structure, grammar, spelling and punctuation (10%)

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