Internal code- MAS4001 Strategy management assignment Question- Task 1 – Research planning requirements 1. Review the strategic plan documents of Bounce Fitness and discuss what you have learned, including what the targets and goals are and how these will impact on the staff 2. Research and discuss emerging practices or trends in Australia that may impact on Bounce Fitness staffing plans by relating to emerging practices or trends (such as changing consumer preferences or community expectations, economic trends, labor market trends, new health wellness products or services which are based on new technologies introduced, political or legislative changes). 3. Using Bounce Fitness’ Strategic Human Resource Plan (found in the case study above), decide which option strategy would best fit to meet the organization’s business objectives as well as to address the current practices and trends in the industry. 4. Examine the impact on how new technology will affect the future job roles and responsibilities in the fitness industry and briefly discuss on how Bounce Fitness can facilitate a way to manage its staff’s job roles and design in this aspect. 5. Evaluate the relevant recent or forecast changes to human resources legislation in Australia. Task 2 – Develop human resources strategic plan 6. Discuss in consultation with Bounce Fitness’ managers on the development of the organization’s human resources plan. 7. Discuss a plan of action in relation to evaluating two prioritized business objectives to achieve the desired performance outcomes and obtain an agreement (submit to your trainer who would undertake the role of senior management of the organization) for Bounce Fitness’ proposed strategic human resource plan to be implemented 17 total views, 2 views today

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