Health Education Literature
To serve as resources of health information and communicate information to those in need healthcare professionals must be able to find health information from credible sources. To align with this weeks learning outcome students will be able to better assess the quality of information provided by various types of sources.Part I: Research ArticlesAll research articles follow a very similar pattern when it comes to content.Review the Holman and White article from this weeks required resources.To locate the article click on the Find Articles & More link in the top navigation bar of the Ashford University Library.Then select the Databases A-Z link followed by the letter P option.Scroll down to the PubMed Central database and enter the article title in the search bar.You will want to review the full-text PDF version of this article.
Part II:Non-Research Articles and Accuracy
Evaluate the health information found on the internet by examining the information provided on emotional health from one of the following websites: theCenter for Young Womens HealthYoung Mens Health orEmpowHER.Provide an example for each area of evaluation with the information from your selected site.Is the information provided on the website credible? Would you use this information to educate an individual?Explain your answers.The assignment

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