Wal-Mart Instructions: Research Paper 1 Visual(Graphic) must be contained ( you can compare Wal-Mart with Giant, K-Mart, any other 4 or 5 supermarket in Chart-Bar. Be sure you write the source line at the bottom of the chart-bar) Wal-mart has been accused by some of paying low wages and benefits. Defenders say that Wal-mart offers the necessities of life at reduced prices. Explain the arguments. What is your conclusion?(Final papers require you to draw a conclusion based on your research. Final paper must have at least six sources that are correctly cited in a bibliography. Must have adequate footnotes or in-text citations and include a page header (also known as the “running head”) at the top of every page. Please use Montgomery College OONLINE Sources http://cms.montgomerycollege.edu/libraries/ (Student ID M20794929) Class Notes Objective/Question: 1. Why wal-mart is accused by some of paying low wages and benefits? 2. How does Wal-mart deal with the accusation? 3. How Wal-mart makes profit by selling low price necessities? 4. Where does Wal-mart get these cheap necessities? Pros: 1. Enormous variety of high quality, low cost products that are available to virtually everyone throughout the United States 2. Increasing the employment rate and decreasing the laid-off rate 3. Offers customers an indoor. Air-conditioned shopping area larger than three football fields. Cons: 1. Paying low wages to workforce 2. Does Wal-mart provide bad health insurance in corporate America 3. Does Wal-Mart provide good environmental protection

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