Does mental health play a role in physical health?
Using the same research question that you used last week, design a true experiment. Remember, in a true experiment, we manipulate the IV . . . .we do something to one group to make it different from the other group . . . we give a “treatment” to one group and a “fake treatment” to another group. And we treat everybody exactly the same except for the IV. Here’s what to include.
1. Briefly remind us of your research question and your population.
2. Describe how you will obtain your sample from the larger population. Be specific.
3. Describe the IV and how you will manipulate it to create the groups in your study. (Each group receives a different “level” of the IV; in other words, each group receives a different manipulation.)
4. Describe the dependent variable; use operational definitions and use only 1 DV.
5. Describe how you will avoid confounding variables and control extraneous variables (about 4 or 5 sentences total).

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