Impact of technology on the health care field Review the literature on the impact of technology on the health care field. In reviewing the literature on this topic, you may want to draw upon what Neil Postman says about technology and medicine in Technopoly, especially in chapter 6. a. The impact of a particular technological development on health care costs. b. The implications of maintaining a nationwide health care electronic database of every patient?s medical records Note: You have written an annotated bibliography of 12 sources on this topic. Now write a literature review for this topic by synthesizing and summarizing at least 10 scholarly articles on the topic. You may have more than 10 scholarly articles if you would like to, but the minimum number is 10. Organization Your literature review should be organized in the following manner: Introduction: Write one or two paragraphs in which you introduce the reader to your topic. Categories: Divide your sources into a few categories. A suggestion is that you divide them into three to five categories.

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