Assignment 2: Lending Institutions, Health Care, and Human CapitalDue Week 9 and worth 200 pointsUse the Internet to research one (1) developing nation of your choice. Your research should include anexamination of lending institutions, health care, and human capital, as well as the material covered by theWebtext and lectures in Weeks 6 through 9.Write a three to four (3-4) page research paper in which you:1. Explore whether or not funding from international lending institutions like the World Bank and theIMF are helping or hindering the social, economic, or political development of the country that youhave selected. Support your response with examples.2. Discuss, with examples, at least four (4) substantive ways in which a healthy populationstrengthens the economy of the country that you have selected.3. Ascertain the degree to which the leadership of your chosen country has used foreign aid toimprove its health care system. Support your response with concrete examples.4. Use at least five (5) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia, blogs, andother nonacademic websites do not qualify as academic resources. Approval of resources is atthe instructor’s discretion. Resources must also be within the last seven (7) years.When referencing the selected resources, please use the following format:

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