The course textbook A History of American Nursing: Trends and Eras covers seven trends in nursing in chronological order:
Nursing Image
Nursing Education
Advances in Practice
War and its effect on Nursing
Nursing Workforce Issues
Licensure and Regulation
Nursing Research
For this Assignment:
Choose the three trends you feel have most influenced the nursing profession.
Write an introduction. Include a chronological synopsis of the three trends you have chosen
Discuss why you believe each trend has been so influential to the profession then
Write your Conclusion: Synthesize or summarize how these trends have influenced each other and our intertwined.
This paper should not exceed 7 pages (that does not include the reference page)
Please use the topics Nursing Image Nursing Education and Advances in Practice for this paper.
The paper will be scored as follows:
Three trends are chosen. Synopsis is chronological accurate; writing is clear and logical
APA format is followed throughout:
In text citations
Reference list
Scholarly Sources: Minimum of 3 sources peer reviewed journals
Within 10 years old
One direct quote only per paper
Discussion is clear and logical and opinion is well stated. Critical thinking is evident
Synthesis is evident and relevant; writing is clear logical. Content is accurate

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