Week 10
“The Government and Social Responsibility” Please respond to the

1. From the scenario, explain how government grants would influence
the business’s operations. Be sure to emphasize the taxes, social
benefit, and price level for both substitute goods and current

2. Give your opinion on whether or not you support
government-funded programs within the scope of taxation and
government spending. Be sure to include the influence on the
business operation, purchasing power, and income distribution in
the economy.

“Social Security and Medicare” Please respond to the

1. From the e-Activity, list (1) each change that you selected to
fix social security and (2) your single overall deficit / surplus
that was calculated as a result of those changes. Of your selected
changes, identify the change that you believe will play the
greatest role in fixing social security and explain why.

2. Give your opinion on whether health care should be something
that can be excluded from being consumed. Additionally, take a
position on whether or not the government should be responsible for
supplying health care in the economy. Provide a rationale for your

Week 11

“Role of Businesses in the Bigger Picture” Please respond
to the following:

1. Discuss the most important lessons you have learned from the
economic issues portrayed by the scenario interactions.

2. From the scenario interactions throughout this course, consider
the copy center’s responsibility and role in economic social
issues. Discuss some of the social issues that the copy center did
not address or was not involved in throughout this course. Then,
recommend a business strategy to increase its role in economic

“Looking Forward” Please respond to the

1. Discuss why an understanding of the role played by economics in
social issues is important for people who are not economists to
understand. Provide specific examples to support your

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