Word Count
The word count for this essay is 2500 words (excluding the reference list).
The ageing of the population represents an opportunity for societies. If older people can retain their health
and if they live in
an environment that promotes their active participation their experience skills and
wisdom will continue to remain a resource for societies. However most people of very advanced age will
need appropriate accessible and effective acute and long

term car
e. Developing integrated service
delivery models that provide seamless access to the care they require is a priority for both developed and
developing countries. (WHO 2012 p.1)
Fact Sheet on Ageing by the World Health Organization
Retrieved from:
For this assignment you are required to discuss the above statement from the World
Health Organization. Your
discussion should include linkage to the Australian context ageing in the community and support services available
to meet the needs of older adults in our communities.
Your essay should include the following content:

Discuss what the WHO statement (2012) means for older adults

Explain how access to both acute and long term care contributes to better quality of life and health
outcomes for older adults living in our communities

Explain how active participation in
community contributes to better health outcomes for older adults

Link your discussion to the Australian context including some discussion about older adults living outside
major metropolitan areas

Give four (4) examples of the support services available (2 government and 2 non

government) which
contribute to older adults living better in the community. Describe the service they provide and how they
are accessed
You will need to support your discussion with reference to the current literature. As such your reference list should
include a minimum of
TEN (10
credible current academic references in addition to any government or non

government websites. subject outline 2015%281%29.pdf page=4&zoom=auto40286

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