Written Assignment #5
Paying for Health Care in America
Answer the following questions.
Course Policy: If there are more than 3 errors in sentence structure spelling or punctuation in an essay assignment 2 points will be deducted from the grade. If
short answers are used spelling and capitalization should be correct. If there are more than 3 errors 2 points will be deducted.
1. What is the difference in Medicare and Medicaid? How are they alike how do they differ? What groups of people are each designed to serve? Do people on Medicare pay
premiums? Medicaid?
2. Your textbook predicts that by 2015 healthcare expenditures will consume 20% of the GNP. What does this mean?
3. Discuss what DRGs mean and how they affect the way healthcare costs are managed.
4. What are the differences and similarities between a PPO plan and an HMO plan?
5. How does cost shifting lead to more uninsured Americans?
6. Watch the PBS Frontline video Sick Around the World. You can access this at http://video.pbs.org/video/1050712790. It lasts about one hour and I think you will
find it fascinating. Write a few sentences describing something you were surprised to learn from this video. What do you think you will remember from it?

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