Project description
TEXT: Nash D & Goldfarb N (2006) The Quality Solution: A Stakeholders Guide to Improving Health Care: Sudbury MA Jones Bartlett Publishers
From the text The Quality Solution: A Stakeholders Guide to Improving Health Care
a. Chapter 4: Conceptualizing and Improving Quality: An Overview
b. Chapter 5: Analyzing Quality Data
c. Chapter 6: Fundamentals of Outcomes Measurement
d. Chapter 7: Basic Tools for Quality Improvement
1.Topic 1. Outcomes Tools and Strategies (125 words)
Discuss the role of quality and risk management to health care outcomes including challenges in collecting and analyzing quantitative data in the health care
environment components of quality and the fundamentals of outcome measurement. Review quality and risk management tools and strategies.
2. Topic 2. RCA and FMEA (125 words)
Discuss the various tools and their applications for risk management as outlined by The Joint Commission and the Hambleton article including conducting a Root Cause
Analysis (RCA) and Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA). View Patient Safety: At the Heart of All We: Do and apply proactive risk management to health care delivery
in a hospital long-term care or ambulatory settings.
1. JohnsHopkinsMedicine. (2013 May 17). Patient safety: At the heart of all we do. John Hopkins Bayview Medical Center[Video file]. Retrieved from

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