Details Taking on the role of health care professionals, students need to; i) come up with an intervention plan to assist the client of the chosen case study. Briefly describe the intervention your group proposes and discuss the social determinants of health related to the case. Individual section (70%): 600 words • Each member of the group must identify ONE (1) social determinant that would affect the case study. • Discuss the social determinant in relation to the case study o Define/describe the social determinant chosen o How/why is it relevant to the case study? oAnalyse how it might affect the intervention plan proposed and how it might be overcome • The response should be supported with evidence from scholarly resources. The Social determinant is “Culture” By identifying “culture” as a social determinant, discuss the relation to the case study which is “A elderly female who has had a fall” could use social isolation for culture and suggest that moving into some sort of retirement village would mean that she has more people around her and is less isolated- it creates a better social environment for her)

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