Computer sciences and Information technology Healthcare Administration IT Project description You are the Healthcare Administrator (HCA) at a large urban primary care center. The center is part of an integrated health system (IHS). The IHS is acquiring an additional physician practice for your center and integrating new radiology services into your center in the next fiscal year. In two years they will build a Long Term Care facility and add home care services to the IHS. Regarding the large urban primary care center that you briefed the board about in Part I, 1 Discuss the principles of information management and describe the impact of information technology (IT) on health care administration in this urban primary care center. 2 Explain how and where the health care data should be stored and the different ways data could be retrieved, displayed and manipulated. 3 What are some of the legal and ethical issues related to IT and health care administration? 4 What is the role of the health care administrator in managing the use(s) of the Internet with its resulting health care administration issues related to patient privacy and confidentiality? 5 Discuss the range of current and emerging information technologies such as tele-health, web enabled applications (both Internet and Intranet), wireless technology and hand-held devices and how these innovations impact the business of health care delivery.

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