Internal Code: MAS3821 Healthcare assignment: Jenny presented to the birth suite of her local hospital in advanced labour, with a history of spontaneous rupture of membranes showing clear liquor, and regular contractions at 25+2 weeks into her pregnancy. Jenny’s obstetric and medical history was unremarkable. Jenny received prophylactic steroids and IV antibiotics one hour before giving birth. Peter is the second baby for Jenny and her partner, David. They have a 2 year old son, Thomas. Peter was born by spontaneous vaginal delivery. His birthweight (BW) was 800g with a head circumference (HC) of 24cm. Peter was born apnoeic, heart rate less than 100b/min with poor tone. He was suctioned and placed in a polyethene wrap to assist with thermoregulation and reduce insensible water losses. Breathing, heart rate and reflex activity improved with the administration of intermittent positive pressure ventilation via a T-piece resuscitation circuit. Overall respiratory effort remained poor and Peter was subsequently intubated with a size 2.5 endotracheal tube (ETT), taped at 7cm at the lips. 60% blended air and oxygen were required to maintain preductal oxygen saturations between 85-90%. An endotracheal surfactant was administered in the newborn nursery. Questions: 1) Discuss the pathophysiology of Chronic Neonatal Lung Disease. 2) Discuss the process of discharge planning and educational guidance this family will need in preparation for taking young Peter home. 22 total views, 2 views today

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