Directions: In this paper, you will discuss the implications of healthcare reform measures on the healthcare profession, particularly the MIS profession. The following topics are to be included; • Discuss the potential for fraud and abuse, and what can be done about it. • Discuss the possible influences of mandatory compliance programs on coding practice in the United States. How will it be different than the current state of coding? • Provide specific details and examples to support each of the the points you make. The assertions you make should be clearly stated and supported by specific information from your text or from research you have completed. You are required to have a minimum of three resources to complete this assignment. One may be your textbook. The other two must be professional sources (not from, Wikipedia, or any other commercial site; most sites with names ending in .edu or .gov would be considered appropriate). This paper requires a scholarly approach, with third person perspective, accurate and complete information, clear and concise writing, appropriate APA format. Paper length 1,000 – 1,250 words (does not include title page or references) Paper format • Title Page • Content 1,000 – 1,250 words with correct citations as appropriate • Reference page

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