Choose two long-term care facilitiesone from nursing facilities assisted living or subacute care and another from adult day care home health care or hospice careon which you would want to base your research work. Research Internet to read about your chosen long-term care facilities.
Assume you are responsible for the management and administration of the two facilities. You have to orient the newly appointed manager by providing an overview on managing long-term care. You also need to discuss the programs of the two facilities. From this perspective and based on your research about the facilities prepare a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation of 1015 slides including the following:
What are the various multidisciplinary departments (teams) included in your facilities?
Who comprise the target population being served by the various programs provided by your chosen facilities?
What are the major staffing and human resource issues faced by your chosen facilities?
What are the significant trends in long-term care likely to impact the operation of the various programs provided by your chosen facilities and what is your plan of action to overcome them?
What are the various forms of cooperation and integration existing in your chosen facilities? Discuss the nature of management financing and quality issues related to integration and cooperation in the facilities?
Support your responses with examples.
Use the Notes section of the slides to provide additional information.
Cite any sources in APA format.

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