Care provision in Long Term Conditions
Project description
Essay of 2000 words responding to the learning outcomes answering the assessment question: ( 35 or more sources/refs 10-12 years old recent study)
Discuss the impact of living with a long term condition upon an individual their families and carers What care and support would be required in order to promote their capability of self care?
choose one long term condition of your choice from the list that follows Diabetes cancer (breast or others) COPD Asthma Arthritis heart disease renal disease Hiv.
You can make up a fiction (adult) person with LTC outlining history etc to include in essay link them in with the problems faced.
Marking scheme/ learning outcomes will be added as an attachment
all 5 are important to include!
Consider: physical psychological social impacts
Consider: self management interventions
Consider: Definition of long term condition and self-care/management all empowerment and enablement programmes/ models/ theories to enhance self care.
Holistc needs assessment individulised care planning.
Expert patient programme. Education
communication stratergies in the management of people with long term condition.
Include department of health nhs who nice etc.
Websites:Impact of illness on the family

Will add more when Long term condition has been chosen.
Please no plagiarism or direct quotes unless necessary

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