Nursing Research Utilization Project: Implementation Plan. Nursing Research Utilization Project Section D: Implementation Plan. Describe the methods to be used to implement the proposed solution. Describe the overall plan for implementing the proposed solution. Identify resources needed for the proposed solution?s implementation. Describe the methods for monitoring solution implementation. Describe the way(s) in which a theory of planned change was used to develop the implementation plan. Discuss the feasibility of the implementation plan. Please the writer must be reading all the changes that I did to the paper from previous week and the professor feedback: From the first week ?.The project of this class requires identification and use of research/evidence-based practice in the clinical setting is not an educational program per se although education is required as part of the implementation process?.. From the second week ??.Remember that the focus of this presentation is not on the educational program it is on research utilization. Try to condense the section on the problem it is very repetitive.

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