The Health Care System of the U. S. 1. Discuss the key criticisms of the health care reform. What are your criticisms? 2. Do you think everyone has “the right to” free health care? Why or why not? 3. Propose a health care policy. 4. What is your biggest concern with health care? 5. Discuss the entry of public (government-sponsored) health insurance. 6. Trace the historical development of health care in the United States. 7. Discuss the factors that contribute to the high cost of American medicine, 8. Discuss the key criticisms of the health care reform of 2010. 9. What role is there for private (commercial) health insurance companies? 10. Why did the government opt to sponsor health insurance? 11. What is Medicare? 12. What is Medicaid? 13. What is the Children’s Health Insurance Program? 14. What is managed care? 15. Name the types of managed care organizations. 16. What contributes to the high cost of medical care? 17. Who suffers from the public/private, employment-based system in the United States? 18. Trace the historical efforts of heath care reform in the United States. 19. What are the benefits of health care reform? 20. Who benefits most from health care reform? 21. What are the criticisms of the plan? 22. What groups helped to get the health care reform legislation passed? Health Reform Summary: Health Care Explained: PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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