Internal Code : TV301 Nursing Assignment Case Study: Fred Brown is a 72 year old man who has been admitted for a left knee replacement. He has a history of COPD, depression, and hypertension. Fred is frail and he lives alone. Fred has had his knee replacement today, and returned to the ward late in the evening at 2100 hours. You are the nurse looking after him on the night shift. He has a PCA for pain relief and IVI Normal Saline running at 100mls per hour. Fred has a sedation score of 1 since coming back from theater. He has Oxygen running at 2L per min via nasal prongs. He has a vacudrain insitu and a large dressing over his knee. Section 1 1. Develop an appropriate nursing approach for the client in the scenario and include relevant assessment, potential problem / issue identification, and interventions (including monitoring) in the case outlined. In your analysis these actions should be based on nursing evidence for practice and referenced appropriately. Section 2 2. Discuss the co-morbidity COPD and the potential issues impacting on recovery post- operatively for Fred after having a general anaesthetic. Include in your discussion the possible complications that could arise and how Fred might deteriorate. Detail the interventions the nurse would initiate to decrease risk to the patient and include your rationale for interventions. Section 3 3. Identify and briefly discuss discharge planning for patient. Identify from the literature the discharge planning would need to be put in place for the case scenario. Keep this section brief. 24 total views, 2 views today

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