these are the rules and the rubric. please follow them.
1) Discuss the challenge in depth
a. Who does this challenge affect (group of persons organizations government)? b. What does this challenge cost?
2) What solutions/alternatives have others proposed to solve this challenge?
3) What ideas do you have to solve this challenge?
Citations and References (10pts)
1. Paper must include at least 6 scholarly references appropriately cited and listed according to APA style.
2. At least three (3) of the references must be from professional journals (e.g. Health Affairs New England Journal of Medicine etc.)
3. Bibliography/References must be documented using APA format.
4. Cite your sources within the text.
5. Citations must follow APA guidelines.
Grammar Style & Formatting (15 pts)
Responses to questions must be in appropriately written sentences and paragraphs.
Responses must be free of spelling punctuation and grammatical errors
1. Title of paper must be at the top
2. Paper typed double-spaced
3. Times New Roman font size 11
4. 1-inch margins on all sides (top bottom left & right) 5. Page numbers at bottom of page
6. At least 6 pages in length (not including bibliography)
1. Introduction (5 pts)
2. Discuss topic in depth (20 pts)
What is the challenge? Why is it a problem? Who does this challenge affect the most?
Groups of persons
Organizations (e.g. hospitals non-profits)
Government agencies (e.g. FDA USDA CDC CMS) Other countries
3. What are the costs of this challenge ($$$)? (10 pts)
What does this cost individuals? Government? Society? Other countries?
4. What solutions or alternatives have other people (or countries) proposed to solve this challenge? (10 pts)
Include at least 2 examples.
5. What ideas do you have to solve this challenge? (10 pts)
Include at least 1 to 2 ideas and fully explain your ideas with reasons why this could work.
6. Conclusion (5 pts)

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