Introduction Public Health issues are prevalent constantly throughout the United States and the world. These issues can be associated with epidemics and the spread of disease, environmental disasters, community health care delivery, personal health behaviors, etc. 1” borders, size 12 font. Selection of Topic The student is free to select any current public health event or ongoing problem. Sources of these topics can be from any of the following: • Newspaper • Magazine • Internet • Public health journals Fact sheets are not acceptable sources for the summary. The chosen topic must be current, occurring within the last 6 months. You must completely cite the source of the information and attach the article to your summary. Your summary should cover the following areas: 1. Introduction: Provide a summary of the article, provide an objective overview of the public health issue. (What issue is the article highlighting? Discuss why is this a public health issue.) (5 points) 2. Cause and severity of the issue: Discuss the causes and severity of the health issue (Who is affected, what are the current statistics, what are the risk factors?) (10 points) 3. Intervention: Identify public health agencies involved (or should be involved) with this health issue. What interventions are discussed? (What steps are being taken to remedy the health problem?) (10 points) 4. Recommendations: Your detailed suggestions for additional prevention efforts to address this problem. Your recommendations should directly reflect and be specifically supported by course readings and discussions. Please make specific references to these readings. (5 points)

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