DISORDERS AND TREATMENTS Resources Website icon Disorders and Treatments Scoring Guide. For this assignment you will analyze a psychological disorder as well as the theory behind the treatment you would use to address this disorder. (Should you choose, you may also use this disorder and the treatment in your final project, which is due in Unit 10.) You will also conduct and document a hypothetical therapy session in which you discuss the treatment options for this disorder with the client. This assignment will include two sections. The first section should be 6–8 pages. In this section: Analyze several theories and select an appropriate theory or theories of psychotherapy for best treating the disorder. Support the choice of theory with empirical research, referencing the empirical studies you located in the studies section of this unit. The second section will be a summary of the results of a counseling session that you invent. In this session, discuss options with the hypothetical client for treatment of the disorder you have chosen. Recreate the dialogue in 3–4 pages. Be sure to include aspects such as: Applying critical thinking about empirical research to support the choice of theory. Demonstrating reflective listening in a specific clinical situation. Providing accurate empathic responses in a specific clinical situation. Asking appropriate questions to specific client concerns and specific theoretical orientations. Working with a client within the context of a specific theoretical orientation. Communicating in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and consistent with expectations for members of the psychological professions.

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